Money Memo Rules of the game

The most important parts of the game

1 = Playing field with picture cards

2 = Time left

3 = Points

4 = Current game

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is collect points by finding and uncovering as many possible matching pairs. The game lasts 3 minutes.

Playing the game

1. The player must collect points (see below) by finding and clicking as many matching pairs one after the other as possible.

2. As soon as the puzzle has been solved by finding all 8 matching pairs in the puzzle, a new puzzle appears. You get extra points for each solved puzzle (see below).

Scoring system

Points Move or outcome
+10 Finding a matching pair
+25 Solving a puzzle
+50 Solving 5 puzzles
+100 Solving 10 puzzles
+150 Solving 15 puzzles